About Us

Alfaytri is a 100% Qatari Company. It is established and managed by Qatari entrepreneurs.
We are proudly part of Qatar Business Incubation Center's incubation program. All of Alfaytri managers are mechanical and quality engineers. All have great experiences in facility management, construction and maintenance. Our technicians are picked based on technical and personal levels. We work as a team and one big family.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, reliable and high quality home maintenance services to attain the local market satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in homes maintenance services in Qatar, providing the best quality of services by hosting and attracting highly experienced workers.

Our Partners

To ensure our customers the best service, we picked our business partners very carefully.
We guarantee the work they do and supervise it. Below is list of our business partners:

  • Spanah Trading and Construction Company


  • Provide one destination for all home maintenance options.
  • Being the maintenance company that every home in Qatar will go to when maintenance work is needed.
  • Simplifying the means of finding maintenance personnel
  • Easy communication between customer and service providers, thus, increasing profit of maintenance store and customer satisfaction.

Why us:

We understand your needs and value your time. We are aware of how busy you must be and would like to be part of your success story. Alfaytri support you to focus your time and energy in doing the real work. We know that house maintenance work is a major time consuming aspect of home owners’ life and we would like avoid such life disturbances.

We know how much you care about your family. We understand that one’s family is the most important aspect of life. Alfaytri would like to help in making sure everything is working perfect in your home. We would like to make sure that babies do not have to sleep in hot environment because the AC is not working properly. We do not want to have elderly people take a hot shower in the mid of August because the water cooler is broken. We would like to have the water running when your wife is having people over for a special occasion.

How much did this maintenance work cost? Did I over pay the maintenance worker? How much is the real cost of the spare part that was installed in my house? All of these questions come to mind when paying a maintenance worker or when he is already paid. Alfaytri displays pricing of all materials and pricing of maintenance work in general.

How many times have you had a maintenance work redone at your house? How many times did you have to ask the same maintenance worker to come to your house and redo the work? All of Alfaytri manager are mechanical and quality engineers. They have a long experience in facility management, construction and maintenance. As a result, Alfaytri technical team has been chosen carefully.